Monday, December 9, 2013

A boat trip to the largest island in Croatia 
I have always wanted to visit Croatia's largest island, but never knew where to start. The country has so many islands, and almost all of them are great tourist attractions. This year, my wife and I decided to start off with the Island of Krk. There we were able to enjoy and begin our exploration of Croatia's beautiful and untouched nature. Located near Rijeka in the Kvarner Bay, the island is second largest next to Cres.

This holiday vacation, we wanted to try a more adventurous travel approach, so we booked a sailboat from one of the local Croatian companies that offer rentable vessels. The company is called SailingEurope and we'd recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable price of rent.

We had no problems getting to the island in our new and luxurious charted yacht. We set anchor in the Marina Punat, which has very good shelter from the wind. From there, we continued to reach Krk Town to see one of the most beautiful Venetian castles ever built. We also sampled Krk's most famous white wine called "Zlahtina".
It was named after the Slavic adjective, meaning "noble". The wine is clear and has a greenish-yellow color. The taste is light and refreshing with a fruity aroma. Delicious!

After we had our share of Krk and it's famous Croatian cuisine, we took the bus to Malinska, another popular tourist place. Malinska has some of the cleanest beaches the island has to offer. There are water activities for children and adults everyday and you're guaranteed to have fun. We were overwhelmed when we discovered a beach called "Rajski put" (Heaven's Path). It wasn't very crowded and we spent the whole day there. The beach is famous for its raw natural looks and peaceful surroundings.

Night life is especially active on the island of Krk. Live music performances by various artists, painters and street performers await you. Whether it is dancing or souvenir shopping, you’ll find it all on Krk. While staying in Malinska, we even had our paper silhouette portraits done by one of the artists there! It’s a nice way to remember your visit and get your picture taken in a unique way. There’s also a ferry there that has an underwater window that you can use to observe fish and other majestic creatures of the Adriatic. It’s truly an amazing sight. 

My wife and I really enjoyed our stay in Croatia and we’re probably going to come back next year. I’d recommend Krk to anyone. It is really a great way to start your journey in Croatia. Have a safe trip and enjoy your stay!